Mavel  Turbines  for  Hydroelectric  Power

M a v e l, a.s. is a global leader in the provision of water-to-wire equipment for hydroelectric power plants utilizing turbines with installed capacity of 30 kW to 30 MW.  Founded in 1990, this Czech-American engineering and manufacturing company has over 100 proprietary designs for Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and micro turbines.
Mavel turbines are installed in 38 countries on five continents.

Latest News

Mavel Americas, Inc. announced that it has received an order for a Vertical Pelton Turbine and related equipment for the Winchie Creek Hydroelectric Power Plan ("Winchie Creek HPP") located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.    Mavel will provide a 5-jet Vertical Pelton Model PV1130/5, generator, inlet valve and hydraulic power unit.  The project has a net head of 156.5 meters and design flow of 3 m3/s.  The expected installed capacity will be 4,132 kW.  The Pelton turbine's runner diameter will be 1130 mm and the turbine will be direct connected to a generator operating at 450 rpm.  (more)

Project Update

The Polotskaya Hydroelectric Power Project (Polotskaya HPP) on the West Dvina River in the Republic of Belarus has accepted delivery of five Mavel Kaplan PIT turbines. The turbines, model KP3000K4, will provide 4,850 kW per turbine for total installed power of 24.25 MW.  The nominal head is 7.7 meters and maximum flow is 65 cms.  In addition to the Kaplan turbines, Mavel also provided steel pits, draft tubes, hydraulic, lubrication, filtration and filtration systems, generators and a five station control system. (more)